Robin Richardson
Robin, a new-punkish tenant in the apartment building annoys Louise with her partying ways in the 11th season episode "State of Mind".
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Red
Hard-partying, 20-something new tenant who the fellow tenats, with the excepton of Louise, looked upon as "a breath of fresh air"
Character information
Appeared on: The Jeffersons in the episode titled "State of Mind", Season 11
Character played by: Kathleen Wilhoite
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Robin Richardson was a new young 20-something tenant in the Whittendale Building in the episode of The Jeffersons titled "State of Mind" in Season 11. Robin was played by rock singer/musician and actress and future E/R TV series cast regular Kathleen Wilhoite.

About RobinEdit

Louise becomes upset by the new tenant in 12-C, Robin, (played by Wilhoite) her peace and tranquility shattered by Robin's round-the-clock partying, Louise tries to rally her fellow tenants to lodge a formal complaint. She succeeds only in being labelled by one tenant as an "old fuddy-duddy" -- and the worst of it is, she becomes convinced that the accusation is right on target! When she gets to sit down an talk with Robin, who dropped by to borrow a heating pad because she strained her back while working out in her aerobics class, which was taught by an 18 year old who made her feel "old", the two are able to connect, with Louise stating that feeling young is all "just a state of mind".