George and Whitty

George trying to impress R.S., thinking he's H.L. in "George and Whitty" in Season 4.

R.S. Whittendale
Peter Leeds as RS Whittendale
R.S. Whittendale, played by Peter Leeds
Personal Information
Gender: Male
George tries to impress him thinking that he is his brother, before finding out his real identity; gets legal advice from him, which stops his brother from renting the Jefferson's apartment to some friends after their lease expires
Related to: H.L. Whittendale (brother)
Lucille Whittendale (sister in-law)
Character information
Appeared on: The Jeffersons
Episodes appeared in: "George and Whitty" in Season 4
Character played by: Peter Leeds
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R.S. Whittendale is a character who appears in the Season 4 episode of The Jeffersons titled "George and Whitty". The part of R.S. Whittendale is played in the episode by Peter Leeds.

About Mr. Whittendale's brotherEdit

In "George and Whitty", when the lease on the Jeffersons' apartment is set to expire, H.L. Whittendale, the building's owner, who George tries hard to impress all the time, is thinking about renting the apartment to close friends of his, The Foxes. Worried about losing their home, George and Louise invite his brother. R.S. Whittendale over for a drink and social hour, hoping to gain his friendship, George even loans him $300 so that he could use it on betting on horses when he takes him to a nearby racing track! However, they're disappointed when they invited over turns out to be H.L.'s brother when Ralph leaves a message from Mr. Whittendale, who was vacationing in Europe, for R.S. informing him that he wanted his brother out of his apartment by the time he returned the next evening!

However, things turn for the better when George finds out that R.L., is quite affable and quite engaging when it comes to conversation, in contrast to the stuffy, duplicitous and cold-hearted demeanor of his brother; R.L. admits he was looked at as sort of the "black sheep" of their family, R.L. who is a lawyer (R.L. jokingly admits that after he passed his bar exam many years earlier, that there hasn't been a "bar" that he hasn't passed, as he loves a good drink!). When he looks over the Jeffersons' lease, he finds a loophole which means that his brother could not refuse to renew their lease at his discrestion. which means they could stay, although he winds up charging $500, 300 of which he took off of his fee for what George loaned him for betting; after Louise prods him, George pays him the other $200, as well!

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