Mrs. Wong
Louise and Mrs. Wong
Mrs. Wong and Louise in the episode "Calendar Girl" in Season 7 of "The Jeffersons"
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Nationality Asian-American
Drops by little baby Jessica at the apartment after George and Louise accidentally took home her baby after taking Jessica to a baby contest
Character information
Appeared on: The Jeffersons
Episodes appeared in: "Calendar Girl" in Season 7
Character played by: Karen Huie
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Mrs. Wong is a character who appeared as in the Season 7 episode of The Jeffersons titled "Calendar Girl". The part of Mrs. Wong is played in the episode by Karen Huie

About Mrs. WongEdit

When George and Louise decide to enter baby Jessica in a baby contest against Lionel and Jenny's wishes, they manage to accidentally take Mrs. Wong's baby home, not realizing it until they are back at home and see the child is Asian! Anyway, Mrs. Wong, who is able to locate their apartment through their name and address which was left on the crib! Louise, not wanting Lionel and Jenny, who had just stopped by to pick up Jessica, and who were both rushed into the kitchen by George, to know of their blunder, quickly rushes Mrs. Wong, who wanted to stay and talk, out of the apartment, in doing so, slamming the door on her face, which George usually does!

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