Lyle Block
Lyle Block
Lyle Block (Larry Linville) is the Chief Executive at the St. Frederick Hotel and Florence's new nemisis on Checking In.
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Chief Executive at the St. Frederick Hotel in Manhattan, NY
Florence's cheif nemisis in her transition from Jefferson housekeeper to Executive Housekeeper at the hotel
Character information
Appeared on: The Jeffersons in the episodes Florence's New Job Parts I & II in Season 7 and its spinoff series Checking In for 4 episodes
Character played by: Larry Linville
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Lyle Block appeared on two episodes of The Jeffersons, and then later, its short-lived spinoff series, Checking In. The part of Lyle is played by Larry Linville, who is best known to TV viewers as the equally antagonistic Major Frank Burns on the CBS-TV series M*A*S*H.

About LyleEdit

As the chief hotel executive at the St. Frederick Hotel located in Manhattan, Lyle serves as new executive housekeeper Florence's pompous, arrogant chief nemisis in the episodes "Florence's New Job:Parts I and II" and its short-lived Checking In spinoff series for 4 episodes.