Mrs. Lucille Whittendale
George and Mrs. Whittendale
Mrs. Whittendale (Olive Dunbar) and George from the episode "Dog Gone" in Season 8.
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Wife of Mr. Whittendle; also the controlling half of Whittendale Enterprises, as well as the Whittendale Bldg.
gets upset at the death of her pet doberman pincher after jumping off of the Jefferson's patio ledge in going after a ball while playing fetch with George, who was supposed to be watching after him
Spouse(s): H.L. Whittendale
Related to: R.S. Whittendale (brother in-law)
Character information
Appeared on: The Jeffersons
Episodes appeared in: "Dog Gone" in Season 8
Character played by: Olive Dunbar
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Mrs. Lucille Whittendale is a character who appears in the Season 8 episode of The Jeffersons titled "Dog Gone". The part of Mrs. Whittendale is played in the episode by Olive Dunbar.

About Mrs. Whittendale Edit

In "Dog Gone", George agrees to watch over the Whittendale's pet dog, "Poopsy", who is often vicious and nasty to and growls at everyone except for Mrs. Whittendale, who adores the dog. When the dog accidentally leaps to his death over the patio balcony while going after a ball when he was playing "fetch" with George, George has the painful task of explaining his death to Whittendale, who then takes George in the kitchen to explain that he hated the dog to George, who is trying hard to possibly get in on some big business deals with him.

When Mrs. Whittendale learns of Poopsy's death, she takes it really hard, and blames George, who she calls "a fungus"! when Louise tries to comfort her, she asks Louise if she has ever lost a dog; when she says no, she retorts back "Then Shut Up!!"

After the rather snooty Lucille forbids her husband H.L. of doing any business with George, Louise asks her if she has ever seen a "fungus", she says "No", when Louise answers back "Then Shut Up!!"

Although happy at the death of Poopsy, Mr, Whittendale explains to George in the kitchen that his wife has controlling interest in Whittendale Enterprises, and that she could fire him, and that he changed his name to Whittendale when they were married, in also saying that "49% of me likes you...but 51% of me hates you...Have a good day!"

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