Ken Sanders
Fred Ball as Ken Sanders
Fred Ball as Ken Sanders
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Business Manager/Investor
Influces George into possibly investing in some real estate which belongs to local natives who helped rescue George and Tom when then got lost while rafting, was introduced to George by his client and friend, retired businessman Bill Wilson
Character information
Appeared on: The Jeffersons
Episodes appeared in: The Jeffersons Go to Hawaii: Part Two (Season 7)
Character played by: Fred Ball
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Ken Sanders was a character who appeared in the Season 7 episode of The Jeffersons titled The Jeffersons Go to Hawaii: Part Two. The part of Ken is played by Fred Ball.

About Ken SandersEdit

In Part 1 of the four-episode story The Jeffersons Go To Hawaii, George, after getting a checkup from his doctor, where he discovers he's been suffering from hypertension, takes his doctor's advice and takes a vacation to Hawaii, which the Willises just went on, and which Louise has hounded George to also do with her and Florence.

In Part 2, When he Louise and Florence arrive in Hawaii, George meets Bill Wilson, a "semi-retired" fellow businessman who's lived there for 25 years. George is able to be convinced by Bill into thinking about relocating there in Hawaii permanently. and even introduces him to his business manager, Ken, who handles all of his business affairs and investments. By Parts 3 and 4, it is revealed that the recent developments on a nearby settlement on the island, which is inhabited by local natives, who found George and Tom after they got lost on a raft, is targeted by Ken and his investment group to purchase and takeover, which would put the locals off of their land and force them to move from the area, George, after some talking with Louise, and after getting to know the natives, decides to back out of the deal with Ken and his group.

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