Louise and Henry on AITF

George's brother, Henry Jefferson, in his first appearance, with Louise in the Season 1 AITF episode "Lionel Moves into the Neighborhood".

Henry Jefferson
Henry Jefferson
Mel Stewart as Henry, George's brother on "All In The Family".
Personal Information
Gender: Male
George's brother, who, while on AITF, displayed tendencies just as bigoted as Archie Bunker, and George, at least on that series
Related to: George Jefferson (brother)
Louise Jefferson (sister in-law)
Lionel Jefferson (nephew)
Mother Olivia Jefferson (mother)
Raymond Jefferson (son)
Ruby Jefferson (wife)
Character information
Appeared on: All In The Family
The Jeffersons (mentioned)
Episodes appeared in: Referenced to, but not seen on series
Character played by: None, played by Mel Stewart on All In The Family
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Henry Jefferson, the brother of George Jefferson, is referred to a few times on The Jeffersons, early on in the series, but without making an appearance. Played by actor Mel Stewart, Henry appeared on The Jeffersons's parent TV series, CBS's All In The Family.

About HenryEdit

On All In The Family, Henry lived with George, his sister-in-law Louise, their son Lionel, and Lionel's aunt (presumably Henry's wife, Ruby Jefferson), who was referenced in one episode but never seen. He was thus a neighbor to Archie Bunker. Loudmouthed, opinionated Henry was equally bigoted tendencied as Archie, and later George, who was introduced late in Season 4 of the series, in the episode "Henry's Farewell"; which served as Henry's final appearance, as it was written in the script that he was moving to Chicago to open a cleaning store of his own; after being mentioned sporadically on The Jeffersons, his existence was downplayed in later episodes, almost as if he had never existed, as if George was an only child, However, Henry's mischievous son, Raymond Jefferson, played by Gary Coleman, appears in the Season 5 episode of The Jeffersons titled "Uncle George and Aunt Louise".

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