George's Doctor
George and his Doctor
George (right) with his doctor (left), played by Lincoln Kilpatrick
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Advises George to relax, and take a vacation after he checks his blood pressure and finds that it's high, although lower than it was at his previous visit with him 6 years earlier
Character information
Appeared on: The Jeffersons
Episodes appeared in: "The Jeffersons Go to Hawaii: Part One" (Season 7)
Character played by: Lincoln Kilpatrick
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George's Doctor appears in the Season 7 episode of The Jeffersons titled "The Jeffersons Go to Hawaii: Part One". The part of George's physician is played by Lincoln Kilpatrick.

About George's doctorEdit

When George returns to his doctor for a routine physical, his doctor advises him about watching his blood pressure, which went down from the last visit he had with him about six years earlier, it was still quite elevated; when he tries to tell him to learn to watch his blood pressure and try to relax, because of his age and he being in a high-stress job, George, who at first exclaims, "How can I relax?! I've got a business to run, I'm too busy to relax!"

When his doctor then advises him to "take some time off, go on a vacation!", George tells him about Louise trying to urge him to take a trip to Hawaii, like their friends The Willies, have just done, saying "You sound like my wife!" When his doctor says that it sounds like a good idea, he heeds his advice, as his doctor then says that he would check his blood pressure after they returned from the trip.

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