"Louise Forgets"
Season 3, Episode 13
#50 in Series
Episode Information
Network: CBS-TV
Air date: January 5, 1977
Written by: Bill Davenport
Directed by: Jack Shea
Production code: 3.13 / 312
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Episode chronology
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"The Christmas Wedding" "Bentley's Problem"

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Louise Forgets was the 50th overall episode of The Jeffersons TV series, also the 13th episode of Season 3. Directed by Jack Shea and written by Bill Davenport, the episode made its premiere on CBS-TV on January 5, 1977.


Louise takes a course to improve her memory, Florence takes a course in judo, and they both nearly wipe George out.


Despite trying to improve her memory, Louise forgets to call George's broker about a stock tip that George got from Ralph, and she's scared of how George will react. Meanwhile, Florence has an altercation with a fellow elevator passenger.

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