"Lionel's Problem"
Season 2, Episode 22
#35 in Series
Episode Information
Network: CBS-TV
Air date: February 21, 1976
Written by: Story by: Mea Abbott
Teleplay by: James Ritz
Directed by: Jack Shea
Production code: 2.22 / 222
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George Meets Whittendale "Tennis. Anyone?"

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Lionel's Problem was the 35th overall episode of The Jeffersons TV series, also the 22nd episode of Season 2. Directed by Jack Shea and written as a teleplay by James Ritz from an original story by Mea Abbott, the episode made its premiere on CBS-TV on February 21, 1976.


Lionel has a very-special-episode kind of problem when his graduation lurks and he starts to feel the pressure. Louise and Jenny try to hide Lionel from George when the graduate arrives at the apartment smashed.


Graduation Day from college arrives for Lionel, and George and Louise are making preparations to celebrate. Florence are Louise are preparing a nice dinner and George buys Lionel a new briefcase. When George goes out temporarily, Lionel returns home, drunk. Fearful in George seeing Lionel at this stage, Louise, Jenny and Mother Jefferson attempt to sober him up. They soon learn that Lionel is fearful that he won't make it to the top like his father did.

Recurring cast/Guest starsEdit

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