"I Buy The Songs"
Season 7, Episode 16
#151 in Series
Episode Information
Network: CBS-TV / U.S.
Air date: March 1, 1981
Written by: Jerry Perzigian, Don Siegel, Peter Casey & David Lee (story)
Lisa Kite & Cindy Begel (teleplay)
Directed by: Bob Lally
Production code: 7.16 / 716
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I Buy The Songs was the 151st overall episode of The Jeffersons TV series, also the 16th episode of Season 7. Directed by Bob Lally from a teleplay written by Jerry Pergizian, Don Siegel, Peter Casey and David Lee, for a original story penned by Lisa Kite and Cindy Begel, the episode originally appeared on CBS-TV on March 1, 1981.


Not only does George fail in comparison to Tom in romantic gifts to his wife, he also forgets Valentine's Day. George makes it up to Louise in a song.


George forgets Valentine's Day, angers Louise by handing her cash instead, and then tries to mollify her by persuading a local composer to write an original song for her.


After hearing the romantic poem, Tom wrote for Helen for Valentine's Day, Louise longs for a romantic gift. However, when George forgets Valentine's Day and offers her money as a gift, a major argument erupts.

This leads George to have a love song written for her. He first asks Bentley for guidance, to interpret his true feelings into music. Then, after scaring the patrons of Charlie's Bar away with his bad piano playing, George asks Charlie for Sammy the Songwriter's number.

Later, George invites Weezy and the rest of the gang down to Charlie's Bar so he can serenade Weezy with the love song he "wrote" for her. Charlie then unintentionally reveals the truth - that George didn't write the song. This infuriates Louise, but then Bentley and Charlie set her straight. Louise then considers the song "their song".

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