"George's Diploma"
Season 3, Episode 5
#42 in Series
Episode Information
Network: CBS-TV
Air date: October 23, 1976
Written by: Lloyd Turner & Gordon Mitchell
Directed by: Jack Shea
Production code: 3.5 / 307
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Episode chronology
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"The Lie Detector" "The Retirement Party"

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George's Diploma was the 42nd overall episode of The Jeffersons TV series, also the fifth episode of Season 3. Directed by Jack Shea and written by Lloyd Turner and Gordon Mitchell, the episode made its premiere on CBS-TV on October 16, 1976.


George's embarrassment at never finishing high school gets even bigger when Lionel tells his highly-educated colleagues at work that George is a graduate of Harvard.


George and Louise discovered that Lionel told his friends that his dad graduated college with honors. Realizng that this isn't the truth, George suspects that Lionel might be ashamed of him because he didn't even finish high school. The fathers of Lionel's friends all have college degrees and George wants to at least compare at some level. Therefore, he borrows general education school books and studies to earn his high school diploma.

Recurring cast/Guest starsEdit

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