"Florence's Union"
Season 4, Episode 19
#80 in Series
Episode Information
Network: CBS-TV
Air date: January 28, 1978
Written by: Steve Kreinberg & Andy Guerdat (Teleplay)
Patt Shea & Jack Shea (Story)
Directed by: Jack Shea
Production code: 4.19 / 418
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"The Blackout" "George and Jimmy"

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Florence's Union was the 80th overall episode of The Jeffersons TV series, also the 19th episode of Season 4. Directed by Jack Shea and written as a teleplay by Steve Kreinberg and Andy Guerdat from a story written by Patt and Jack Shea, the episode made its premiere on CBS-TV on January 28, 1978.


Florence and the other maids in the building decide to form a union. Louise supports the idea, but George opposes the idea because Mr. Whittendale does, too.


Florence is named the head of the maids union in the building and wants to hold a meeting in the Jefferson's apartment. George is all for it until he discovers, H.L. Whittendale is set against it. So this prompts Louise and Florence to get George out of the apartment for the evening so the meeting can be held.

  • Note: Jack Fletcher makes his first appearance as H.L. Whittendale; Roxie Roker, Franklin Cover, Berlinda Tolbert, and Paul Benedict all do not appear in this episode.

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