"As Florence Turns"
Season 7, Episode 10
#145 in Series
Episode Information
Network: CBS-TV / U.S.
Air date: January 11. 1981
Written by: Peter Casey & David Lee
Directed by: Bob Lally
Production code: 7.10 / 710
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"Calendar Girl" "God Bless Americans"

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As Florence Turns was the 145th overall episode of The Jeffersons TV series, also the 10th episode of Season 7. Directed by Bob Lally and written by Peter Casey and David Lee, the episode made its premiere on CBS-TV on January 11, 1981.


Florence's vivid imagination transforms the Jeffersons and their friends into characters in a soap opera, in which the evil dry cleaning magnate G.R. (George) torments his family and associates to their murderous limits.


This episode spoofs the "Who Shot J.R." episode of another popular CBS-TV series, the nighttime soap opera series Dallas when Florence writes a soap opera spoof centering on a ruthless dry cleaning and oil tycoon, G.R. (Sherman Hemsley) who mistreats everyone in his circle (he doesn't tell his wife Winnie (Isabel Sanford) about the doctor's news that she has a brain tumor and 6 months to live until 5 1/2 months have passed!) and even goads someone into doing him an injury to get back at his former maid, Flossie (Marla Gibbs), who became a filthy rich author who sold her own story from the book she wrote about G.R. and his family's misgivings for a mega-million dollar film deal (she then says the film will be soon playing at  a theatre near you!), and who also shot him, and winds up taking over his oil business! But, beware, just like his Southfork ranch counterpart, J.R. Ewing, G.R. claims to have another trick up his sleeve, as he claims to have the goods on all who plotted to kill him and wished the worst on him for all the evil misdeeds he wrought against them!

Unfortunately for Florence, she has her literary career hopes dashed, when she gets the letter she was waiting for from the publishing company where she submitted her novel, saying that they had seen that idea before, as George then tries to cheer her up.

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