"Alley Oops"
Season 7, Episode 12
#147 in Series
Episode Information
Network: CBS-TV / U.S.
Air date: January 25. 1981
Written by: Jerry Perzigian & Don Siegel
Directed by: Bob Lally
Production code: 7.12 / 712
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"God Bless Americans" "And the Doorknobs Shined Like Diamonds"

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Alley Oops was the 147th overall episode of The Jeffersons TV series, also the 12th episode of Season 7. Directed by Bob Lally and written by Jerry Perzigian and Don Siegel, the episode made its premiere on CBS-TV on January 25, 1981.


George's star bowler gets sick before the semi-finals in a bowling tournament and it's up to Tom, who hasn't bowled in 40 years, to save the day.


George and his business rival Gil Cunningham, owner of his most bitter business competitor, Cunningham Cleaners, are also rivals on their respective company bowling teams! So when George's best bowler can't make it, Tom Willis volunteers to substitute, with disasterous results as Tom, who claimed to having started bowling at age ten, turns out to be a horrible bowler, as he constantly throws gutter balls, as it's revealed that he stopped bowling at age ten and a half! When Tom shows up in place of Vito, George's hired expert bowling "ringer" (he calls him his "hanger un bender!") he introduces him to his bowling team rivals as his "fluff and dryer"; Cunningham, who, himself has a team full of "ringers", says that having Tom on the team was "unfair", that he did'nt actually work for Jefferson Cleaners, until he sees Tom's atrocious bowling skills, as he then, laughing, tauntingly says to George, "You can keep him...Ol' "fluff n' dry" is OK with me!".

When Vito finally shows up late with his girl, George, upset that he put his date before the big contest, has a falling out with him, as Vito quits, and Tom, who is relegated to getting beers for all the guys, is forced to bowl the deciding frame, as then, after he first bowls a gutter ball (once again!), somehow manages to save the day by knocking down all the pins for a contest winning spare frame!

When George asks the sheepishly smiling Tom "what was his secret" in knocking all the pins down, Tom, happy, but embarassed, still, then bashfully says, "It slipped!"

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