Eddie/Edie Stokes
1977 Veronica Redd Edie Jeffersons
Edie, formerly Eddie Stokes, (Veronica Redd) George's old Navy buddy who's had a sex change, appears in the Season 4 episode of "The Jeffersons" titled "Once a Friend".
Personal Information
Gender: Transgendered Female, born Male
Old Navy buddy of George who's had a sex change who arrives in town, and arouses the suspicion that George is having an affair in Louise and Florence
Character information
Appeared on: The Jeffersons
Episodes appeared in: "Once a Friend" (Season 4)
Character played by: Veronica Redd
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Edie Stokes, formerly Eddie Stokes, is a transgendered character who appears in the Season 4 episode of The Jeffersons titled "Once a Friend". The part of Edie, or Eddie, is played in the episode by Veronica Redd.

About George's old buddyEdit

In the Once a Friend episode in Season 4, George is excited when he learns that an old Navy pal is in town and wants him to stop by at his hotel for a visit. However his old pal, Eddie, has a big surprise for George, he, or she, now goes by the name is now Edie and he has undergone a sex change operation. Louise, in confusion over George's old navy pal's name, is lead to believe that George is having an affair with a woman named Edie when she goes to call "him" at the hotel where she, or "Edie", is staying, after Edie had visited the apartment and met Florence.

When George meets Edie, who had been in town for six days, at the hotel where she was staying, he takes the news of his old buddy, who once comforted him on ship when it was under attack in Korea during the war, quite hard, at first believing he was joking around when he saw him, now her, in a pretty dress, makeup and with her hairdo, even prying into Edie's drawer and closet to see her wardrobe. 

When George questions her, formerly him, as to why she got the sex change, Edie says that she had struggled with her identity for years, even going through therapy, maintaining "Everything about me was a woman, except for the way I looked", which convinced Edie, then still Eddie, to take the plunge and have the sex reassignment surgery.

When Weezie calls the hotel room  (room #516) to find out if there was really an Eddie Stokes registered there, she finds out that there's an Edie Stokes in the room, which sparks her suspicion of George, who maintains the truth about Eddie, or Edie, and her sex change operation. Needless to say, Louise, who threatens to kick him out of the apartment for the night and make him sleep elsewhere, notably with his ladyfriend Edie! George, out of desperation, tries to enlist Leroy, who works in his cleaning store in the Whittendale Bldg., and also whom  Louise hasn't yet met, to pose in drag as Edie. Louise, insulted, gets even madder, until Edie actually drops by the apartment on the desperate insistance of George, Louise still does not believe the truth until Edie mentions the nickname Weezie used to call George in her letters to him "her fuzzy wuzzy, teddy bear!", which convinces her that Edie was really once Eddie.

At episode's end Edie, whom, as Eddie, was known to be a big practical joker, is able to lure George into the bathroom, pretending that she is scared of mouse that's in it... she then dumps a bucket of water on him!

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