Celia Bonaduce
Celia Bonaduce
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Career information
Series involved with: The Jeffersons
Job on series Wrote episode "The Loan" (Season 7)
Co-wrote story for "The Shower" (Season 7)
Jeffersons Wiki Script Gold

Celia Bonaduce contributed to the writing of two episodes of The Jeffersons; first, the Season 7 episode titled "The Shower". then helped write the original story for the episode "The Loan" , (which she co-wrote with brother Arthur Bonaduce) also in Season 7. Celia is the sister of former The Partridge Family TV series star Danny Bonaduce.


Celia, in addition to her work on The Jeffersons, has also written scripts for the TV shows Good Times, Hello, Larry, One Day at a Time, The Flintstone Comedy Show cartoon series, and the 1999 Hey Arnold!.

Celia has also worked as a field producer for the TV series Outer Spaces, Hometown Heroes and Reality Binge.

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