Not to be confused with Betty, Florence's old friend.

5x16 - Tamu Blackwell as Maid Betty

Tamu Blackwell as Betty in "Florence Meets Mr. Right" in Season 5 (ep.#16).

Betty as a minor character who appeared in the Season 5 episode "Florence Meets Mr. Right". The part of Betty is played in the episode by Tamu Blackwell.

About BettyEdit

Unlike the more sassy Florence, whom she's replacing as the Jefferson's maid, Betty seems quite eager to be there at her employer's very beck and call, answering every call when the telephone rings, every door when then doorbell rings, and promtly attending to her employer's and their guests need, which begins to drive George up the wall.

At the party Louise and George throw for Florence and her beau, a one Buzz Thatcher (Larry McCormick), a devoutly religious Christian man whom Florence has been dating when they had announced their plans to marry (only for Buzz to call the whole thing off when Buzz shows his true colors), Betty announces that she's quitting the job and asking her agency to assign her to another after George gives her an example of how a maid should act when he asks his former (soon to be rehired) maid "Florence, I need a drink!" and Florence responds "Me too, and make mine a double!" as Betty tells George that she thinks "it's crazy to pay a maid to do nothing!".