Angie Houston
Angie Houston
Angie, played by Sarina Grant in "Florence's New Job:Part 2", an episode of The Jeffersons who served as the series pilot for Checking In.
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Ethnicity Black
Character information
Appeared on: Checking In
Character played by: Sarina C. Grant
Jeffersons Wiki Script Gold

Angiewas a friend of Florence and a maid in the Frederick Hotel on the short-lived Checking In series.  The part of Angie Houston was played by Sarina C. Grant.

About AngieEdit

Betty, who works as a maid at the Frederick Hotel in Checking In, has the blown the whistle on her by another maid and friend of Florence's, Betty, who catches her stealing tips from the customers and keeping them for herself in the series pilot episode. When Florence has to go through the difficult task of firing Angie, Angie, asks her, "what do you want, 40%?...50%..." Florence, who shows outrage over Angie's flippant attitude over getting caught and her stealing, responds, "Well, I'll just take 100%!...That's for all the maids who earned it!" she also retorts: "Now, I've already fired you once, ...But if I fire you again, it's gonna hurt you more than it hurts me...cause you're going to be the only person in the unemplyment line with a mop for a tail!"

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