This is the list of regular/recurring cast members from the cast of the The Jeffersons television series.

Regular cast membersEdit

  • Mike Evans - appeared as Lionel Jefferson, son of George and Louise Jefferson. the Black next door neighbors in seasons 1-4
  • Isabel Sanford - appeared as Louise Jefferson, wife of George and mother of Lionel Jefferson. the Black next door neighbors in seasons 1-4
  • Sherman Hemsley - appeared as George Jefferson, a local dry cleaner, and Archie's arch enemy, loud-mouthed, husband Louise Jefferson. the Black next door neighbors in seasons 3-4
  • Franklin Cover - appeared as Tom Willis, publishing executive, first nemisis then best friend of George Jefferson
  • Roxie Roker - appeared as Helen Willis, best friend of Louise and fellow social worker at The Help Center, nemisis turned friend of George later in series.
  • Berlinda Tolbert - played Jenny Willis-Jefferson, daughter-in-law of George and Weezie, girlfriend, then wife of Lionel Jefferson, daughter of Tom and Helen Willis, mother of Jessica Jefferson
  • Paul Benedict - Appears as Harry Bentley, next-door neighbor of the Jeffersons in seasons 1-5, and 7-8.

Recurring castEdit

  • Jay Hammer - appeared as Allan Willis, Tom and Helen's son, in season 5
  • Ernest Harden, Jr. - appeared as Marcus Henderson, an employee at one of the Jefferson Cleaners stores, in season 4
  • Irwin Keyes - appeared as Hugo, a bodyguard hired by George Jefferson in the episode titled "My Hero" in season 7

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